Week 1

I can’t believe it; Week 1 is already over. A lot happened in these seven days. Let’s start in the beginning. My journey to Cambridge went nice and smoothly. When I arrived at my new home I felt really lonely. Everything was new and I felt a bit lost. But then my first school day came and I met so many lovely people that I started to feel less and less lonely. I have a lovely host-sister from Italy. We got along the moment I had met her. She showed me around in the city. I would’ve been lost without her. On the second day my friends and I hired a bike. That way it was easy to explore the city and to get to know every corner. We rode along the River Cam and tried to figure out left-hand driving. At first it was a real challenge but I feel like I’ve got the hang of it now.

The view from our lovely bike trip.

It is really inspiring to see all the students from top universities living their everyday live. We went on a tour guided by a student of the trinity college. He told us a lot about the city and its history. At the moment hundreds of students have their graduation. They walk through the streets dressed in the traditional black gown and the Cambridge crest on their chest. It’s like in a movie.

The students with the highest grades get a room in this stunning building.

In my class we are a lot of Swiss people unfortunately. But there are also some Mexicans and a girl from Italy. School is quite interesting we learn a lot about grammar but also about the culture. We even went to a museum. I feel so lucky to be here and I’m excited for all the moments that I’ll experience here.

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