Week 4

Goodbye Cambridge! I learned so much, I met new friends from all around the world, I gained experience, all in all I grew as a person and though the trip is over the impact it had on me will stay with me for a long time.

My last week was wonderful. My friends and I wanted to see as much as possible before we went home. We went to the University Botanical Garden. It was so pretty. There were beautiful greenhouses filled with exotic plants. It was a sunny day so we just sat on a bench and enjoyed nature around us.

Greenhouse in the Botanical Garden

The next day we went souvenir shopping. There are so many cool shops in Cambridge. We got ourselves an official university sweater. After that we visited the Trinity College. It is stunning. When you enter the huge park it’s breathtaking. It looks like an art piece.  There is the River Cam flowing under various bridges. And on the river are many small boats. They look like the gondolas in Venice. There are trees and flowers, Geese and ducks. We just sat there and watched the people on the boats.

Park of Trinity College

We visited the famous Wren Library. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures of it, but I wont forget the look of it. There were old books everywhere. It was like a museum. They had the first sketches of Winnie the Pooh, original medieval writing and even a strand of hair of Sir Isaac Newton.

The Wren Library

I’ll miss you Cambridge!

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