Week 2

It’s half-time, the thought is scary but I guess that’s just how it goes. Time passes no matter what, you can only make the best out of the time you get and that’s what I’m trying to do. A lot happened this week. The week started with a setback, I had a small bicycle accident. I injured my knee and that limited my mobility for a bit. But as soon as I recovered my week got better and better. On Tuesday we went to a small party organized by the school. It was quite fun. It was my first time to spend the evening in the city. Cambridge is magical at night. All the old buildings are lit up, there are some people walking and chatting to each other. It’s just gorgeous. The next day I met new friends from Mexico. We went for lunch together and it was really interesting to hear about the different cultures. After the meal we just walked through the city and we stumbled across the Zoological Museum. It had a real whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling. It was impressive!

King’s College Chapel

This week Cambridge University hosted opening days. I didn’t know about this so I was pleasantly surprised. The only problem was that I didn’t have a ticket. It felt like a missed opportunity so my friend and I just went to the information desk and asked if we could still go. And they said yes! That afternoon we went from college to college collecting brochures and flyers. We could look at accommodations and ask students about their experiences. The buildings were breathtaking. The detail that went into the decoration was unbelievable. It was a new side to Cambridge University that made it real.

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